Are you in pain?

Whether an ever day occurrence or only on occasion, pain can be debilitating and keep you from doing things you love to do. It comes in many forms: migraines, joint pain, back pain, leg pain, and so on. Pain is pain and stops us in our tracks, or we just decide that is how it is and muscle our way through the pain - if we can. 

We often go to see a doctor or chiropractor to find out why we are in pain and how we can fix it. They give us medications, perform adjustments, and sometimes send us to physical therapy. These are all great and work for a while, but are not long term options. 

Where is your pain and how often do you feel it? Could it also be related to your stress level?  

You bet! Pain and stress go hand in hand most of the time!


Are you too stressed?


In today's world, stress is synonymous with normal everyday life. Yuck. We think that stress is what is to be expected as an adult. 

Well, it's not!

No one should have stress while at work and home. Some people mainly have stress at work; others have it mainly at home. Worse yet, some have stress in high levels at both work and home...there is never a let up.  Where do you fit in? 

Also if you have pain, some of that (or all of that pain) can be from stress. Pain is a physical symptom of too much stress!  

What I do...

Chanin Storm @ The Healing Storm

From personal experience, education, and continued training, I offer services that can be purchased individually, in combination, or as packages that can help alleviate reduce stress, alleviate some of the pain and help you feel more balanced in your life. Many of these services should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine, such as Physical Therapy (when prescribed) and Chiropractic services. I offer a holistic and alternative options and a program I call Balance Life Wellness Plan to combat pain and stress, and which helps to re-balance a person leading to a more satisfying and full life.


Individual Services

Massage Therapy


Massage can be for relaxation and stress reduction, or maintaining health. Enjoying a 60 or 90 minute massage can give your batteries the recharge needed.   Even when pregnant, a 60 minute massage is phenomenal. Add aromatherapy or reiki for an extra boost. 

Reiki & Energy Work


Our bodies are not just  physical matter; we are energy as well. When our energy becomes unbalanced, we can sometimes feel it as stress or pain. Keeping our energy balanced is important.  Having several reiki sessions can balance your energy and occasional session thereafter can keep you balanced.



Have an individualized consultation to find your signature scent. Essential oils can be used to energize, relax, alleviate physical and emotional symptoms, and so much more. There are 2 consultation options - Basic or Health & Wellness. 

Pain Management Therapies


Trigger Point and Muscle Energy therapies, and Myofascial Release techniques help increase range of motion and reduce pain. When used for pain management, these services work best in multiple sessions. Starting with an Assessment is the first step to feeling better. 



Meditation is becoming more popular for relaxation and stress reduction. Learning how to meditate is not as hard as people think or many you would rather meditate with others in a group. Several  in-person meditation options are available and guided meditations are available for purchase. You can also book a meditation massage for maximum relaxation.

Life Coaching


Through life coaching/mentoring, we can alleviate stress. Learning the steps to this balance is not always easy and there is not real instruction manual. Having a coach that guides, not leads, is a great way to find your way to a more satisfying life. 

Holistic Pain Management Treatment Programs


Individualized Pain Management Treatment plans help reduce and relieve acute and chronic pain. These plans utilize several services and can be incorporated with a Balanced Life Wellness Plan for maximum benefit. 


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