Holistic Pain Management Programs

We all know that the most excruciating pain in the world is to stub your toe in the dark in the middle of the night...or heck, anytime!  But that pain goes away. We rub it a little, hobble around a little, but it it goes away. Unfortunately not all pain goes away. This is chronic pain and can be a symptom or a muscular or skeletal problem or even stress and anxiety. 

Many of us feel pain on a regular basis. Maybe after sitting too long at our desks at work - the ache of standing up and moving our muscles again. Some of us have skeletal issues with our spines or joints, such as scoliosis and/or arthritis. Some of us have been hurt playing sports, at work, or by accident. 

It doesn't matter why we feel the pain. What matters is that it is not something we should have to live with when it impacts our daily activities. Pain management is the answer. 

Pain management does not guarantee the pain will go away completely. Pain management is learning how to reduce the pain. At the Healing Storm, the reduction of pain is found in Massage Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and/or Muscle Energy Therapy, Reiki, and Meditation.

Massage Therapy helps to relax our contracted muscles. Our muscles often become contracted by things that we view a normal everyday activities (i.e. driving, cell phones, computers). The muscles in our bodies are connected from head to toe, so any stress or activity will influence our entire body.  

In addition to regular massage sessions, the use of Trigger Point Therapy and/or Muscle Energy Therapy can help keep the muscles retrain the muscles to stay in the neutral state rather then in a constant contracted state. These treatments take time because just as it took time for your muscles to be constantly contracting, it will take time to release them as well. However Trigger Point and Muscle Energy Therapies help the muscles remember their original state. 

Keeping your energy aligned and strong is important to reduce pain and stress (a leading cause of physical pain). The program uses Reiki sessions to align your chakras and balance your personal energy. These sessions can help reduce the daily pain we often feel from normal activities. Strong personal energy helps to maintain a strong body and reduce the pain. 

A  last part of the program incorporates guided meditation to help remove the focus of pain, which helps to reduce the pain we feel. You will learn how to use daily meditation in the morning and evening, and even the middle of the day when needed, can be an easy way to reduce your daily pain. Meditation will also be used to help with sleep, relaxation, and overall balance of your life. 

Pain may never completely go away, but it doesn't have to control us. Pain doesn't have to be debilitating. Pain should not keep us from normal daily activities. The truth is that we can control our pain, and pain management treatment programs teach you do do just that.