About The Healing Storm

The Healing Storm...

is focused on bring a balance to mind-body-spirit through individualized care and services including massage, reiki, meditation, life coaching, and more. I work with you individually because no 2 people are the same. Each person has their own stressors, their own pain and symptoms, and their own path. I use assessments, meditations, and other services to help you reduce stress and alleviate pain and to teach you how to continue to keep your stress at manageable levels and your pain under control. The Healing storm is all about creating balance in all aspects of your life. 

Chanin Storm


Chanin Storm has had chronic pain all of her life and from this experience has been a lifelong practitioner for herself and her family of many forms of alternative treatments that complement Western medicine and understands the need for a balance of mind-body-spirit. Now she is ready to give all her research, studying, and training to others to help them learn to balance their own lives. 

She has studied and practiced energy and crystal energy healing for over 20 years and aromatherapy for the last 15 years. She discovered Reiki about 10 years ago, and in 2017 became a Reiki II practitioner. She has since finished her Reiki Master certification training in January 2018 and gone on to receive her Crystal Reiki Master certification in April 2018. 

Chanin decided that to pull all this together massage was the key when she realized that after a massage, her own pain lessened. Then she discovered if she received massages at set intervals, the pain stayed in a lessened state. In February 2018, she graduated from the Central Maryland School of Massage and is in the final steps of becoming a Registered Massage Therapist in the state of Maryland. 

Through life experiences and guidance of mentors, Chanin was shown that the mind-body-spirit must be balanced. She has worked hard and continues to work at maintaining her own balance and through this she decided to help others learn how to maintain balance as well and has become a Certified Life Coach specializing in balancing the mind-body-spirit.

The understanding of how to balance of the mind-body-spirit is key to health and happiness and that is what Chanin Storm strives give to others.