Meditation is not just sitting and chanting "om" over and over. In fact, it is not what most people expect. Meditation is allowing yourself to be removed from the stress of the world and take a breath before re-entering the world. It is a way to recharge yourself and be more confident and ready for anything. 

There are many ways to meditate. Two very potent types of meditation are visualization and mindfulness. The two are similar in some ways, in that they bring us to our goals and they prepare us to handle situations that would be extremely stressful without meditation. 

Meditation can be practiced alone or in a group. It can be performed sitting, standing or even lying down. Of course lying down may lead some to fall asleep and that is not usually the objective of meditation. In addition, meditation can last as little as 5 or 10 minutes to several hours. The location, position, and duration are all dependent on why you are meditating. 

The Healing Storm teaching people to meditate in one-on-one sessions and group sessions. In addition, we offer group sessions on a regular basis to help with visualizing and being present to complement your Balanced Life Wellness plan. 

Come learn how to take 5 minutes before a meeting to meditate in preparation for the meeting. Learn how to visualize your goals and bring it to you. Learn how to use meditation to still your mind for a more restful sleep. All this and more is what meditation has to offer everyone. 

Meditation Price List

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