Balanced Life Program

The Balanced Life Program is a comprehensive program that incorporates life coaching, meditation, Reiki, and massage therapy. It is a program in which you start your journey to the goals you want to achieve. This is not a program that will tell you what to do; it is a program that is meant to help keep you on the path that is individually yours to follow to achieve those goals. 

One aspect of the Balanced Life program is figuring out exactly what goals you want to focus on immediately and which ones you want to take a little longer or may need a little longer to fulfill. Through Balanced Life Coaching, you will be given assignments and tools to help you decide the importance of each goal and start you on how to get to end result. I am not there to tell you how to get to your goals, but to give you the tools and the time to set your own path. I am your helper and aide and will  help you answer your questions. 

A second part of the program incorporates meditation in the forms of mindfulness and guided meditation practices. You will learn how even 5 minutes of meditation during a stressful meeting or standing in line at the grocery store can reduce your stress level and even recharge your energy a little. Meditation will also be used to help with sleep, relaxation, and overall balance of your life. 

Keeping your energy aligned and strong is important to keep your life balanced and your stress reduced. The program uses Reiki sessions to align your chakras and balance your personal energy. These sessions can help alleviate pain as well, which can be a physical sign of stress. 

The last part of the program is a massage therapy treatment plan to keep your body relaxed. Our muscles often become contracted by things that we view a normal everyday activities (i.e. driving, cell phones, computers). The muscles in our bodies are connected from head to toe, so any stress or activity will influence our entire body.  By keeping muscles relaxed, you will be more relaxed, will sleep better, and even during times of stress, will feel the effects of stress less. 

The Balanced Life Program is not a fix-all; however, it is a way to start to achieve your goals and reduce the amount of stress in your life. It complements traditional forms of medical treatment as well to keep your healthy energy maintained which can promote healing of other maladies and dis-eases. The Balanced Life Program will help you feel better and reduce your stress in addition too helping you find your path to achieving your personal, professional, or spiritual goals. 

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