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Life Coaching

We have all heard the phrases - "Life Coach" or "Life Coaching" - but what does that really entail. I'm not sure about other life coaches, but for me at The Healing Storm, life coaching is being a person to help you decide what is best for your life. Don't get me wrong, I do not just sit back and listen. I give you homework (it's the teacher in me), I give you skills that you forgot you had or ways of doing things you never imagined that you will use to make the decisions. I'm here to help and guide, not lead or tell you what to do. I help you build your own skills and knowledge to better help yourself now and in the future. 

I know not all experiences are the same even when experienced by two people, side-by-side, at the same time. It is impossible to have the exact same experience - actually let me rephrase that. We CAN have the same experience, but how we interpret the experience will be different even when we experience the event together. 

Life coaching is about using your interpretation to take the skills and homework I give you to create a strong basis for balancing life and work and to help in making decisions in the future. Life coaching is not a one time fixes everything type of session. It is a program you complete. The length of time varies for each person, but by completing the program, you'll have the skills needed to move forward in your life in a more productive and balanced way. 

wooden male figure walking up wooden steps placed by a white presenting hand.
wooden male figure walking up wooden steps placed by a white presenting hand.

Life Coach Services

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